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Why We're Here

Welcome to the Ceataec Product & Engineering Handbook!

Ceataec is a Software Development & Analytics company established within the Wilhelmsen Group as a digital excellence partner. Find out more on our website.


Defining our remote culture is vital in the fast paced, multicultural organisation we work in. We've learnt that all the countries we operate in have their own ways of doing things, ways to communicate and ways of working. So we defined what working in Ceataec is like. We work on constantly improving that and writing about it to make sure it's understood and shared.

We're proud of our culture and love sharing with others why we think we're a great bunch of people to work with. The handbook serves 4 purposes:

  1. A guide for everyone in Ceataec Product & Engineering. Especially people joining our team.
  2. A single source of truth that we point to continuously to make sure we're improving or sticking to ways of working we've agreed upon.
  3. Inspiration for others outside of Ceataec to think about different ways of working than how they do in their own organisations.
  4. Anyone thinking of joining Ceataec can get more insight into daily life with us.

This is a joint effort (and public)

Everyone in Ceataec is encouraged to contribute to our handbook. All edits and additions are encouraged. Simply create a PR onto the main branch in our handbook repository and once approved everything is automatically deployed to our public website.